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Essays and scripts for the common life

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-13 a les 20.

Text by: Olenka Macassi
Text and drawings

Language: English
Book: 21x30cm. 

Essays and scripts for the common life, was born in April 2020, after an obligatory coexistence for a few months on the 9th floor of an 80m2 apartment. Inhabiting around an atmosphere of change, of unfinished and dislocated plans of unresolved paths, and of contained explotions by four walls, Essays and scripts for the common life appeared as a result of the desperation of not being able to escape from those "retaining walls" which at that time, "contained" my presence inside the house. 

The script, divided in three chapters, narrates the experiences of Uxbal and Therese, two thoughts that inhabit an 80m2 house; without any possibility of leaving the space where they live Essays and scripts (...) is a book that brings together the experiences, concerns, insecurities, chats and drifts of the characters within the space they share. 

The thought, a central element of the text, works as a vehicle for the exploration of everyday's space; an space that is also shared with the human being, who like thoughts, wanders, lives, interacts and experiences, generating  other thoughts who walk along with him/her in common life.

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