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It is necessary to flee out from the content as if it was a plague

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-13 a les 20.

Text by: Olenka Macassi
2 texts and drawings

Language: Spanish, catalan
Size: 21x30cm.

It is necessary to flee out of the content as if it was a plague was written in January 2020, besides of been the first script and the first stone that composed the Free Texts project, it was initially conceived within the efforts of an exhibition in the city of Mollet del Vallès (Catalonia, Spain); due to the reduced time and haste that was flying over ourselves during that time and the weeks that takes to send a work from one country to another, I proposed to the exhibition manager the possibility of creating a book/object that would be able to be part of an exhibition that was reflecting about "the space(s) for everyday life".

Thus, It is necessary to flee out of the content as if it was a plague was born from a daily impulse, being surrounded by works (in the exhibition) that shouted the need of a viewer to search for content within them, the book/script proposed (as its name says) to do the opposite.

With time, It is necessary to flee out (...) took flight, and proposed to his/her readers the exercise of making a drawing from what they had read a sort of exchange text-drawing. In this way, the readers' drawings work not only as elements of interpretation but also as a toolbox that seeks to help the future director to carry out the staging. 

Composed of 20 pages, three chapters and five characters, the story proposes the distribution of 33 sets in a dark space; a journey through the various states that make up the composition and architecture of memory, read through the actions and movements of five characters on stage guided by a circle of light. 

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