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Imagine questions


Text by: Laura Benevides 

Text, gif
Language: Portuguese

I have a habit of underlining phrases that catch my attention. As a girl I had a file where I kept all of them. It was my way of collecting the words found in songs, movies or books that had somehow reverberated in me. I remember a friend doing the same, sometimes we shared them but now I don't know where the file is. Maybe I never knew exactly what to do with it. Last year I started reading with a digital reader and I keep highlighting the sentences. They are all in a folder created automatically by the device but I do not have the pleasure of seeing them go wrong. I complain that I don't have a good memory, so a file that I don't see doesn't help me much.

In the last few months I have been thinking about what to do with this material and I began to wonder what hidden messages I would find in some of the last books I read. What happens if I turn my digital reader into an oracle? The text that follows is a collage of these extracts, loose and rearranged, from different books in Portuguese and Spanish.

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